Jumat, 30 Oktober 2009

Driver Acer Aspire 4925 for windows XP

Driver Acer Aspire 4925/4930/4930G for windows XP

If the Acer 4925 include issue with windows vista and the driver, so I gave the driver for Windows XP. For those of you who wish to replace Vista with XP, hope helps!

1.Modem Agere driver - Windows XP x86/x64 (Download - Mirror)
2.WLAN Intel driver - Windows XP x86/x64 (Download - Mirror)
3.VGA Intel Driver x86/x64 (Download - Mirror)
4.Camera Suyin Driver - Windows XP (Download - Mirror)
5.Audio Realtek Driver Windows XP x86/x64 (Download - Mirror)
6.LAN Realtek driver-Windows XP x86/x64 (Download - Mirror)
7.Chipset Driver Windows XP x86/x64 (Download - Mirror)
8.Finger Print Autentic Windows XP x86/x64 (Download - Mirror)
9. Bluetooth Driver Windows XP (Download Driver)
10.VGA Nvidia Windows XP x86/x64 (Download)


Senin, 13 April 2009



Acer recommends Windows Vista® Business for Business Computing
Acer recommends Windows Vista® Home Premium for Personal Computing


Acer recommends Windows® for everyday computing.
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• Ultra-compact stylish design
• Ultra-lightweight for maximum portability
• Instant-on for immediate communication
• Easy-to-use interface
• Full colour 8.9” screens
• Integrated CrystalEye webcam
• SSD and HDD versions